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Aaron Green

December 06, 2020
WOW!!! We can't tell you how great of an experience it was to work with Brian! He made the whole process simple and upfront. No hassling. No haggling. He is easy to talk to, and you'll end up talking about something other than just the vehicle you're after. He's a good stand-up guy and understands the invariable frustrations that can come up during any buying experience. We're sending everyone we know his way! He also has a great team of lenders- so if you're self-employed in a pandemic- he knows people- and our rate beats any deal we've seen! As far as the Green's are conceed, we aren't going anywhere else! Thanks again Brian! ~Aaron and Jenni

Aaron Norwood

October 01, 2019
Brian made the car buying and selling experience seamless! We don't have time to deal with the dealership, and so with Brian we didn't have to. Honest, responsive, and 100% service!!! Also had Brian sell our car that we replaced - easy, great value, first day sale. Highly recommend Brian!

Andrew Ericson

December 09, 2020
Amazing car buying experience. Honest pricing, excellent customer service and transparent. Brian is willing to help even after the car purchase is completed. No hassle, easy financing and great cars below KBB pricing. Definitely give his dealership a try! 12-9-20 Edit: There was some work that needed to be done on my car from prior to my purchase. It became a nightmare due to covid-19 and other factors getting the parts and (due to shortages, etc.) install completed. The nightmare was NOT fault of Brian at all. He provided me a loaner vehicle while my car was awaiting parts and installation. He kept me updated on the progress even if the update wasn't good. He went above and beyond again by giving me a full tank of gas( I was close to E when he picked up my car) and even replacing my battery which happened to die while in his possession FOR FREE. I was expecting him to charge me for the battery since this had nothing to do with why the car was in the body shop. It was a rough road and with frustration at times but at the end of the day I still highly recommend Brian and his dealership!

Benjamin Rodriguez

July 18, 2019
Got this great 2001 Toyota Tacoma from Brian at car buyers advocate. He’s very quick in responding and will let you know everything you need to know about the vehicle. Very friendly service and they go above and beyond to make sure you are taken care of.


February 19, 2020
Our car buying experience with Brian at Car Buyers Advocate was amazing!!! Brian provided invaluable assistance thru “every” step of the jouey, providing the exact, perfect car we wanted & had been searching for. Brian & Car Buyer’s Advocate went out of their way to accommodate our schedule needs & portrayed the vehicle to a T. Over all It was an Awesome Experience!!! Thx so much Brian

Brittney Zec

December 08, 2020
I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Car Buyers Advocate! Brian was so kind and patient throughout the process. It's difficult to find the words to explain just how wonderful Brian made the car buying process. Brian's integrity, kindness, and compassion is like anything you'll ever find in the car buying business. Not to mention- everything was taken care of- license plates and all! If you have the opportunity to buy from Car Buyers Advocate it will be the best car buying decision you've ever made! Will definitely be coming back :) Thank you Brian and Car Buyers Advocate!

Chelsea Ferguson

December 05, 2019
Amazing place!!! Great energy... Brian is a special person, a bright light! He really is about helping people??????????????????????

Cheryl Vitale

December 01, 2019
What a great way to buy a car. No hassle, no worries. Brian found the exact vehicle we wanted in one day. We test drove it, looked it over and purchased our new vehicle in about an hour for much less than the dealer price. Brian is very professional and efficient. He also gave us advice on how to sell a used vehicle. We sold it in two days. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Cody Doyle

January 28, 2021
Five stars just isn't enough! Buying from Car Buyer's Advocate -- Brian -- was the easiest and most honest experience I've ever had when purchasing a car. Brian made the whole process a walk in the park. I found a great car that was priced exceptionally well, and he made sure that every detail was worked through to my ultimate satisfaction. Brian truly cares about his clients and puts his heart and soul into every transaction he ventures into. I can honestly say, that it was a genuine pleasure working with him and his team. He is the guy to go to if you're in the market for a car. He is simply the best! Thank you Brian (and Jennifer) for making it so easy for me every step of the way!! I'll definitely be buying from you again and will refer everyone I know.

Connie Rubis

June 08, 2021
Prior to moving to AZ, we had bought our last four vehicles through a wholesaler. We would tell him what we wanted and he would find the vehicle for us. I was thrilled to find Car Buyer Advocate and Brian Newman who was able to provide this same service for me. Even though the models and makes of the type of car in which I was interested had primarily black interiors which was the only thing that I did not want, Brian did find a gray interior on a white Toyota RAV4 in excellent condition. Brian was more than accommodating to the point of delivering my garage door opener which I had left in my trade-in vehicle.

Connor Iverson

December 08, 2019
Need a place to buy a car but dont wanna be harrassed by pushy car salesmen? Look no further. Brian made the process easy and seamless to make sure I was happy with my purchase. 10/10 would recommended to anyone in the market for a vehicle. Thanks for the 2013 Mustang Brian!???????????? you rock man.

darin trotta

July 08, 2020
I just purchased a car from Brian at Car Buyer's Advocate. It was one of the easiest car buying experiences I have ever had. He was easy to deal with, very transparent, and fair with all aspects of the transaction. The car is beautiful and he was very generous on the value of my trade. I highly recommend Brian and he will certainly be getting many referrals from me. Darin L Trotta

David Chase

February 21, 2021
I found this car online and called Brian for more information which he explained in detail. When I looked at the vehicle in person Brian assisted in any questions I had and told me about the previous owners maintenance habits. He provided documents showing maintenance and repairs for the vehicle. This was a zero pressure, very pleasant experience. I took the vehicle to my mechanic for a thorough once over to which I was pleasantly surprised to hear there were no issues. I will call on Brian at Car Buyers Advocate when I have a vehicle need in the future and recommend him if you want a trustworthy vehicle at a good price.

David Veith

June 05, 2020
I contacted Brian via his website due to questions I had regarding a contract for a used SUV. Brian was extremely knowledgeable, reassuring, and kind when answering my questions regarding the pricing I was given. Ultimately, we both determined I had a fair deal. Brian did this for me as a courtesy and I am grateful. I will definitely use him in the future and highly recommend you do too. Honest, informative, and helpful describe the experience I had. Thank you!

Debby White

February 13, 2021
Brian's the BEST! Does all the work for you all while getting a great deal!


March 18, 2020

I Holguin

June 26, 2021

James Dickson

June 27, 2021
The reason’s I’m giving Brian Newman and his company , Car Buyer’s Advocate, a five star ratings are as follows: Back in 2016 a driver fell asleep and ran into the back of our 2006 Honda Pilot and the insurance company ended up totaling it out. I was arguing with the insurance company over the values and was also in the process of trying to purchase a new car through the buying service that Brian was with at that time, AAA. I explained to Brian what the insurance company was offering and he told me that my car was worth a lot more than that. He provided me with information to support his value. Ultimately, I received approximately $4,000 more than the insurance company originally offered. Fast forward to April 15, 2021. I had just bought a new Kia Sorrento SX Prestige back on January 2 of this year. On April 15, 2021 a lady ran a red light and totaled out my new car, it only had 517 miles on it. I was back fighting with the insurance company over the valuation. Brian told me it was still worth the sticker value and that’s what I should hold out for. He provided me a letter to supporting that. He also assisted me in getting a purchase offer from a dealer showing that it was actually worth $1,500 more than the sticker price, based on the current market. Long story short, I ultimately received approximately $500 more than the sticker price after an adjustment for mileage. The difference again was about $4,000 more than the insurance company had offered. Even more recently he helped my niece purchase a new car through his buying service. We were in and out of there in less than an hour. I made the mistake, when I bought my Kia Sorrento, of going through a dealer and we spent almost the whole day there and still had to go back and sign more paperwork. Also, we paid for extra’s that we should not have. We are now trying to find a replacement for our Sorento and are working with Brian. I think you’ll be pleased if you use him to buy your next car. My wife and I most definitely pleased with the service he has provided. James Dickson

JC Sheen

September 05, 2020
THIS IS HOW CAR BUYING SHOULD BE!!! We had a fantastic experience with Brian and buying our X5 through him. We live out of state and had multiple conversations over the phone regarding the purchase of the car. He was always prompt in getting back with us as we constantly had several questions (thanks for bearing with us). We had a pre purchase inspection done on the vehicle and while the car came back pretty clean, there was a pestering oil leak issue that we had to get resolved before we felt comfortable with purchasing the vehicle. The mechanics in Phoenix let him know that it was fixed and did not need the repair we thought it had needed. We flew down to pick up the car to drive back to Utah and while in route the oil issue boldly resurfaced. We were nervous because we knew if it was in fact the repair we originally thought it needed, it was going to be a hefty repair. We had to bring the car in locally and Brian worked with the mechanic here to get things resolved. I mean, wow. Brian really did care to work with us beyond the sale and to make sure we were good with everything. Honesty and integrity go a long way and I would not hesitate to buy another car out of state through him again. Really- trust all the great reviews!! Thank you, Brian. TOP NOTCH.

Jeff Newton

March 31, 2020
Brian Is The BEST !!! If you need a Great Car Buyers Experience, Call or go see Brian...Just Do It !!!


February 15, 2020
We have been working with Brian for years. He helped both of our kids buy and sell cars. We were not living in phx at the time and Brian was still able to help us tremendously. He is personable knowledgeable honest and reliable. What more could you ask from a car salseman. We will never buy another car without him. I would highly recommend him to anyone that is fed up with the car buying process. Brian is a true mentsch. That's a compliment!

john bradley

December 03, 2020
Brian made the process so easy and stress-free. By guiding me through the process, answering any questions I had and updating me often through the experience so there were no surprises, guess work or conces. I've always had the headache of navigating my car buying experiences unfortunately but Brian was able to make this so convenient and smooth that he even dropped it off at my house while I was working. Thanks Brian!

Johnathan George

January 15, 2021
I have worked with Brian of Car Buyer's Advocate on multiple car purchases. His customer service is second to none. I will never buy another car from anywhere else.

Judy Mason

November 11, 2020
I recently leased a Hyundai Elantra through Car Buyers Advocate and Brian Newman took care of everything for me, start to finish. In a matter of days, I was in my new vehicle and am so very happy with it. Just tell him what you are looking for and he will go above and beyond to come through for you. His customer service delivery is exceptional, friendly, and reliable. This is my second car buying experience with Car Buyers Advocate and I am very appreciative to Brian for his high quality service and expertise. I will refer him to everyone I know that is looking to purchase a new or used vehicle. - Judy M.

Kathryn Grimco

January 13, 2020
My first experience with Brian Newman, owner, helped me with a purchase of a new Toyota RAV4 a little over a year ago. I saved over 2k going thru Brian. A year later I purchased a used BMW X4 low milages and excellent condition for less than private seller blue book. Brian had his team of expert mechanics inspect the car to make sure it was up to high quality standards. A month ago I purchased a car for my granddaughter. Brian found a used Lexus RX300 Extremely low miles and pristine condition. Same thing again, it was inspected to meet the high standards Brian expects before selling the car. He also arranged shipping from AZ to IA. Made my life so easy. The car was picked up and delivered the same week without any complications. Car Buyer’s Advocate gets a 5 Star rating for their outstanding service and definitely more than fair prices on new and used purchased. Thank you, Car Buyer’s Advocate!!! KG/Scottsdale AZ.

Ken Jenben

May 04, 2020
Zero pressure from sales which is so nice when looking for a car. Always available to answer questions. Got me a great 328i with a hassle free great price. Also found me best financing available. Overall I would not consider going somewhere else for future car purchases

Kris Berkner NMD

June 29, 2020
I was looking for a newer Tahoe and I do not have the time or knowledge to feel confident with the amount of research that I would have to do. I was referred to Brian who listened to my list of things to include, he gave regular updates on how the search was going and found my Tahoe that I am very pleased with. I highly recommend Brian and would use him again.

Lights Camera Discover

May 26, 2021
Thank you so much Car Buyer's Advocate for being part of our nonprofits transportation campaign. Thank you for finding us a nice car in our price range that is safe for us and the youth of our program. Great customer service and attention to detail.

marlene turken einfeld einfeld

February 15, 2020
My car sold in a few days thanks to Brian. Hope the person that got the car enjoys it as much as I have.

Matt Victory

June 22, 2021
I sold my car on Cars & Bids, and Brian won the auction. Working with him was great. He is very friendly and responsive. We were able to quickly complete the sale. I'm located in Texas. I had the cash and he had the car within 3 days of the auction's close. If you are not local to Phoenix, you should still feel comfortable selling him your car.

Meyer Turken

February 14, 2020
Excellent service. Excellent communication. good to work with.


May 02, 2021
Brian is so great I came in with my cousin to buy a car not only did he get her a good deal on the car but he made us feel so welcome. He answered all of our questions with so much info and didn’t make us feel at all worried about this car buying process! We are leaving with a new car and I can’t wait to come back for myself to buy a car??

Michael Van Vleck

March 21, 2020
Brian recently helped us with the purchase of a vehicle and it was the easiest process I've ever been through to buy a vehicle. All of the normal stress and time was eliminated. I highly recommend Brian for anyone looking to buy or sell a vehicle.

Michaela Williams

April 26, 2020
I bought a 2013 BMW from Brian. I test drove, got approved for through Hugh’s, and drove away with my car in about a week. Not only did he tell me to give him a call if anything went wrong, he kept in touch, and told me he’d get me any work I need done at a local shop for much cheaper than BMW prices. The only person that has givin a 1 star review on Brian unfortunately did not have as amazing of an experience as I did. I’m thankful for all of his help and I’ll be back for more cars in the near future!! P.S I was a first time buyer, I had fair (not the best) credit, and he helped me with a payment plan that I could afford. I recommend this place to anybody!!

Mike Pape

October 24, 2020

Moses Sanchez

September 16, 2020
Needed to sell a truck fast - Brian was responsive, efficient, and very helpful. I would highly recommend the Car Buyer's Advocate!

Raphael Isaac

September 16, 2020
Brian the Car Buyer's Advocate was extremely helpful in helping move a car from NY to AZ. He called several transport companies and found the best price and got the car here quickly. Great job...thank you Brian!

Robbie Gower (The Drywall Guy)

October 22, 2020
We bought a car from Brian from my daughter several months back and he took great care of us. Just recently he helped with the sale of a truck and couldn't be happier.

Robert Burgi

March 18, 2020
We had a list of 5 cars we want to see. We test drove 3 of the 5 within 3 days of meeting and talking with Bryan. We bought one of the for $2K under the price of a dealerships ad. Bryan cleaned up our car and sold it for $3K over trade in value. Such an easy great way to buy and sell.

Russ Berg

March 02, 2020
My wife and I have been searching for a pickup truck. We must have viewed close to 500 trucks at dozens of sources. We finally came upon Car Buyer's advocate. They were selling the very truck we were looking for. I checked the ratings and the business had a perfect 5 out of 5 at every rating. I called Brian and he was most accommodating. I had questions and he went right out to the truck to confirm every answer. We went to see the truck and it was exactly as represented. Brian was "just folks" and made us feel relaxed during the whole buying process. We were so impressed, we completed the entire buying process in about an hour and one half. This was the best car buying experience I have ever had. I highly recommend Brian if you are looking for a new car or truck. You will not be disappointed.

Ryan M

November 05, 2020
Excellent Buying Experience! This is what buying a car should be like. ... Brian was easy to deal with, he had a good selection of vehicles and could get others if needed. I purchased a 2017 BWM I3 with extremely low miles and in mint condition. The price was excellent along with the service. Will definitely recommend to friends!

Sally Lix

March 28, 2020
As a 86 year old lady I did not want to go around to car dealers to get a "new" car. Brian was great. He helped me narrow down what would be a good car for me then he got to it looking and offering several cars until I found the one for me. He brought it to my door, I paid him, finished the paperwork and that was that. What a way to go. Brian is patient, understanding, trustworthy and knows his cars. Thank you Brian

Scott Lewis

December 02, 2020
Simple - Easy - Painless! Thank you, Brian!

sharon bailey

February 03, 2020
Third time with Brian now. No more high pressure salesmen who won't give your car keys back when you try to leave!! Very happy with the vehicles he's found for us and he leaves you in the driver's seat - pun intended. I'll never buy a car any other way again. Honest, patient, kind and loves his job. Makes a huge difference! AND he sold my Frontier for exactly what I was asking. No hassle, positive experience.

Sharon Cryer

July 22, 2020
Our family has been purchasing both brand new and preowned vehicles through Brian Newman for the last 15 years. We would never go back to car dealership shopping ever again! My son just bought the brand new truck of his dreams a month ago and Brian got him an unbelievable deal for the second time!! He does all the research and paperwork for you and its stress free without any pressure or pesty salesman calling you. He really knows his cars! Sharon Cryer Gilbert

Shelbi Kendrick

August 13, 2020
My husband and I had been on the search for a car for a few weeks. After feeling frustrated with the car dealership mentality we were so fortunate to find Brian. It was clear from the start that his goal was not to sell the car at the highest price, in the quickest way. He answered all the questions we had, assured us that he was here to support our needs in buying a car without his own agenda. We bought a Honda CR-V from him and felt supported and respected throughout the whole process. Even after buying the car, Brian sent his guys over to detail it and quickly took action when I shared a potential conce about the AC, which ended up being a quick fix that his people took care of completely. It was a breath of fresh air to find someone we could trust in this process. I would go back to him again and again and refer my friends and family to him.

sri kanth

February 05, 2021
I was initially skeptical about the deal but Brian's transparency and honesty made me close the deal on my 2019 Nissan Rogue. I dont think you can get any better if you are looking to buy a used car. My car had some minor issues, Brian took care of all of those and listened to our conces patiently. I had one that need to be fixed after the purchase, he made sure i get a loaner and worked on it. He was not able to get it to 100% but still its good, he even proposed to cancel the whole deal if i didn't like the vehicle at any point. Wonderful car buying experience, i am definitely referring my friends when they need a car.

Steve Garland

December 18, 2019
Highly Recommended! Just purchased a lightly used 2019 Equinox through Brian at Car Buyer's Advocate. Couldn't have hoped for a better experience! Got exactly the vehicle - actually found a little better than what I was originally looking for - at a good price. This is the fourth vehicle I have purchased through Brian. As always, I have some pretty specific requirements in what I am after, and as always he finds exactly the right thing - and fast. And always very professional - never have to put up with any of the silly games one has to expect with dealerships. Steve

Terry Cryer

March 26, 2021
Our family have purchased 7 vehicles through Brian Newman and all have been a fantastic experience he goes fat=r above and beyond what I have encountered at a conventional dealership. This is the only place to go for a vehicle as far as I'm conceed

Tom S

February 19, 2020
I live in Texas but grew up in the Phoenix area. I was looking for a Lincoln online and one came up that I wanted in Phoenix. I emailed Brian of Car Buyer's Advocate about the car and he was very responsive and helpful. The car was priced fairly, so that wasn't a issue. The issue was car was in Phoenix and I am in central Texas. Brian came through with getting a temporary plates for it and arranged shipping to Texas. Brian is a good guy and I recommend him and is company highly. Thanks for making this easy Brian.

TP McCabe

July 10, 2020
Brian is truly a Car Buyer's Advocate who works to satisfy the needs of the buyer with sincere, professional, quality advice. Even though I did not purchase a car through him due to circumstances beyond my control, I am keeping Brian at the top of my list for the next car I personally purchase. Brian, thank you for being a man of integrity.


January 04, 2020
Brother Brian he was a Great person to me and my family about keeping it ???? when buying a vehicle ???? he sat down with me and my family to find us the best car anyone can offer that he had on his lot. He was a conceed person for our situation and let me tell you he stood on every word he said about his cars and trucks , his skills are unbelievable and he puts you in a vehicle that he would buy for him or his family once you go to him he works hard in putting you in something that he would drive and his SUV’s are excellent and dependable if it’s not a good car or truck he won’t sell it to you and if there is a problem with it and he tells you he will get it done he stands on his word . His Team of mechanics ???? is also unbelievable and gets the job done if and only if it’s a problem with the car or truck in my case I had no issues but they showed me cars I never knew even was on earth lol ???? but hey you will be happy with what you buy Great family to us and keep up they great work Brian I’m very happy with my vehicle to sum it up looking for a dependable car or truck look no further car buyers advocate is a one stop ???? shop you won’t be disappointed I highly recommend this company

Victoria Kassab

June 16, 2021
I bought my car from out of state and had it shipped and Brian made the process easy and worry free. He was always available to communicate and answer my questions. We ran into some complications along the way and Brian went above and beyond to make sure we got what we needed. Would highly recommend to anyone.

William White

February 10, 2021
So patient and understanding with indecisive friends. Were super happy and blessed to know you, and all you do for us and our customers. Thanks again!

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Andrea Novinsky Falk

June 22, 2019
Brian Newman, owner of Car Buyer's Advocate has bought and sold our families cars over the past several years. He is honest, timely and knowledgeable about the car buying process. When he says he will do something, he always follows through! If you are thinking of purchasing or selling a vehicle, Brian should be your "go-to." Thank you for all of your hard work!

Endi Ramos

June 04, 2021
Thank you Brian for making my purchase so effortless and didn’t waste any of my time I was in and out with my new truck. He made sure I was going to be happy with my purchase and went above and beyond to insure the vehicle was going to be trustworthy. Thank you so much for all the help.

Gloria Anthony

May 28, 2019
Absolutely the best car buying experience I've ever had in my life! Brian is very personable, friendly, honest, trustworthy, does what he promises, and really worked diligently for us to get the best deal on our pre-owned Toyota RAV4 without the hassle of those high pressure dealers. I've recommended Brian to several people, and ALL have been highly satisfied! You will be totally happy with this awesome service and begin recommending Brian immediately! A+, 5 star, ????????, and will stay with this company a long time! Thanks again, Brian!

Henry Bribiescas

September 21, 2019
Absolutely! Great experience! Brian does a great job and really cares about his customers! Recently sold our truck in two days after listing!

Jennifer Kirshman

May 18, 2020
Brian was amazing. best car buying experience I have had. love my Pathfinder so much. he is the guy to see if your looking for a car. Thanks for your patience and working with my Brian.

Jill Herndon

July 24, 2020
Huge shout out to Brian for locating exactly what we were looking for! The entire process was quick and seamless. Brian is truly a professional and knows his industry!

Matthew Scott

October 29, 2019
Not your typical dealership. Honest and reliable. Would do business again with Brian anytime.

Noah Newman

May 11, 2019
10 out of 10 would recommend

Terry Meikle

November 15, 2019
Brian, helped us out of a difficult car ownership/leasing issue by presenting options that no car salesman or car dealer would tell us. I am so thankful for his knowledge, non pressure, factual education and helpful suggestions that allowed us to make a better car buying choice. Thank you so much Brian! Terry

Wayne Goldman

November 07, 2019
Buy your car from Brian! With all of the horrible car salesman around that we all hate dealing with, Brian will make your process pain free and easy and restore your faith in the industry!

Yessica Cruz

June 21, 2019
Absolutely enjoy my Nissan Juke! More than happy with Car Buyers Advocate’s services. Brian was amazing and made the car buying process very easy!